Already. Tonight:
A day of prayer. Security is a major concern as desperation starts to set in. How devastated areas are coping.
And nothing else to report on yet. Except ever-growing love for Rob Marciano.

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In a van.

Apparently, he was on Nancy Grace too, and TVNewser has this quote:
"We ran out of gas. We found some gas at a Wal-Mart. We got a little bit of food at that Wal-Mart, some, like, potato chips. We drove down here. I don't know where we're going to go tonight. We'll find something. Maybe we'll sleep in the truck and wake up and, you know, start working again tomorrow."
There's more at the link. Nancy Grace is replaying on HLN, uh, right now, if you can catch it.

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Is it Tuesday?

Yeah, Tuesday. Tonight:
Swamped by Katrina, some areas are dealing with their worst flooding in decades. Anderson takes us to the frontlines.
And he was on sporadically last night until about midnight, so watch out for that tonight as well. And I have no idea if he's still in Meridian, or where at present. It's like an adventure! With debris! And also scary.

TVNewser has a little quote about how Anderson used to feel about hurricane reporting.

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Anderson Cooper rode out the storm with Louisiana residents. He's live from Baton Rouge with a look at Katrina's aftermath.
And I went for a nap, ended up sleeping until, oh say, now, and missed everything. Videos aren't up at CNN yet, but I'll link them when/if they are.

ICN says he was knocked around quite a bit.

TVNewser has a picture and stuff.

FishBowlNY liveblogged it and picks up the soggy cap.

Gawker never fails to amuse with their "ritualistic, fantasy-inspiring screenshot.".

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Hurricaned Pt. 2.

Electric Boogaloo?

WHAC says Anderson's going to be part of the Hurricane Katrina coverage. CNN's going to be live all night, which is good for people like me who have nothing else to do.

And totally unrelated and of interest to probably only me, but our little Erica Hill was on Big CNN last night achoring CNN Saturday Night, and I'm told, earlier in the evening too. She might be on tonight too, no word yet. It'd be aces if she were on Papa CNN all the time now. Rudi Bahktiar left/was fired/disappeared/was eaten by wolves, so, um, y'know, shove her in that spot. The people demand it. The people being me.

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I'm running on the assumption that Anderson isn't back again tonight. Sanchez last night? Are they NUTS? No idea who's filling in tonight. Maybe they'll just haul someone off the street, shove them in a smart suit and run the telepromter. Instant news.

Anyway, according to CNN, tonight will be:
A Brooklyn man is blamed for his wife's suicide. Could he have done more? Is this landmark decision the start of a trend?
And I will begin praying at Erica fills in, at least.

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Et ce soir:
Who am I? Three men struggle with that question everyday as they try to unlock the mystery of their pasts.
The first time I read that, I thought it said mystery of their pants and it was pretty funny. It's less funny when you read it right.

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Doesn't sound too familiar:
Honesty may not always be the best policy. What one patient did when her doctor told her to lose weight.
Doctors always say crap like that. My solution is to eat more pie.

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Um, really?
What do your dreams tell you? They may hold the key to hidden talents, ideas and creativity.
Seriously? Again? Does this mean he's not going to be on tonight? He's taking more vacations than the Daily Show lately.

And, via TVNewser, I think we should all chip in and buy him some new pants.

Edit: Heidi's in for Anderson again. Agaaaain.

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The Monday.

So, tonight:
Exclusive: Eric Rudolph's mother on her struggle to understand how the son she raised turned into a serial bomber and murderer.
They were pushing it pretty hard all weekend. I saw about a billion commercials, and I'm not exaggerating.

Okay. Maybe a little.

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Rawr. Tonight:
What caused a seemingly tame tiger to turn on a teenager? A look at the latest in a string of deadly attacks by exotic animals.
Maybe, um, it attacked because it's a tiger? And instead of calling them exotic animals, how about we call them wild animals? You can't change the nature of a beast. It's like, I can eat good food for a week and think I'm going to be happy and healthy forever, but when I see a piece of pie, I'm still gonna be all over that piece of pie.

Out for the day, so the rest of the news, should there be any, will come after nine. Ta.

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More of the same.

Once again, tonight:
People across the country and now Hollywood are showing support for a mother protesting the war near the president's ranch. Is anybody listening?
So I guess he's still in Texas.

TVNewser has a link to the most adorable video of the day, even if it is rather short.

The rest of the day is devoted to hunting down and capturing Esquire. Nary a mention of stuffing and mounting.

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Late night linkage.

TVNewser has a kind-of review of 360 tonight. I haven't watched the whole thing yet because I was, gasp, out playing businessgirl.

Okay, I did that for like, two seconds. Then I was out looking for the new Esquire. Which I still don't have. Life, she is hard.

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Tonight, we're live in Crawford, Texas, and:
Led by a mother who lost her son in Iraq, protesters move closer to President Bush's ranch. Does she speak for all grieving families? We're live.
That's it so far.

I added a tip email thingie, so in case I miss something, you guys can be all YOU MISSED SOMETHING NERDLINGER! And let me know, so I can whack it up here. Suggestions are welcome too, as are cupcakes. I'm kind of hungry.

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Happy Rerun!

Rerun right now, 11pm, and again at 4am. If you missed the penguin stroking, you're in luck! This is because Lou Dobbs wasn't a full hour due to VIRUS. I really think I love this whole virus scare. It's given me so much, reruns of 360, plenty of Sieberg. I LOVE YOU VIRUS/WORM/DEALIE.

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Oh, Out.

As reported by Why is Out so hell-bent on, well, outing Anderson? Sometimes the gay media can be worse than the mainstream.

Also, computer virus! This bodes well for my CNN nerd, Daniel Sieberg. So look for nerdy things on Anderson tonight. Nerdy stories, I meant. Um. *cough* Bye.

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A wildlife expert lived among grizzly bears to study and protect them. Then he was mauled to death.
This is from that movie, Grizzly Man. It's kind of sad, he thought all the bears loved him, and treated him like one of their own, and they end up killing him. Just goes to show, bears are SO not cool.

And PageSix has a bitsy thing about Dan vs. Anderson. Posting the whole thing because you have to register and blah blah.
DON'T invite CNN's Anderson Cooper and MSNBC's Dan Abrams to the same picnic. Cooper started it last Thursday when he criticized his "cable competitors" for their "downright ridiculous" coverage of the Natalee Holloway case in Aruba. Cooper showed clips of Abrams and Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly and Greta Van Susteren. "I love it when media folks try to jump on the journalistic high horse," Abrams slammed back the next night. He pointed out that Cooper's CNN colleagues Larry King and Nancy Grace have both been covering the Holloway disappearance. What was "holier-than-thou" Cooper covering? "The disappearance of the newlywed on a cruise ship . . . women who love killers and the Jackson jurors," Abrams said. "You might want to take a 360-degree look around your own house and clean it up, before telling us which disinfectant we should use in our kitchen."
Also? A very fetching picture of Dan if you do register. It's free, and catty.

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Not joking. Tonight:
Cheerleading is about more than team spirit. A look at the dark and painful side of this popular school sport.
Maybe it's too much Situation Room, but, I kinda like real news now. Weird, I know.

My darlings at FishBowNY weigh in on Dan vs Anderson.

And Anderson's in the new Esquire, which is out officially tomorrow, I think. Two picture fashion spread, very much fridge-worthy.

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The Beat Down.

Looks like it's Anderson Vs. Dan Abrams. The winner? Us. Well, as long as we get to watch.

ICN has a transcript, TVNewser does as well and has the full dealie by Dan.

Cage match, anyone?

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Rerun, that 911 thing again. Lucky Anderson with Friday off.

Gawker comments on his Radar snark from yesterday, which made me giggle.

WHAC has a thing about the coverage of the coverage of the Holloway thing that they did yesterday.

Inside Cable News has the same thing, mostly, and so does TVNewser, twice.

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A bit late, OKAY, a lot late, but Anderson hosted Newsnight tonight, and it reruns at 1am, so like, fifteen minutes. He's so much more candid on Newsnight for whatever reason. It was great, if you have the chance, watch it.

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Thursday already.

Former scientology members on what the religion is really about and accusations of brainwashing.
So that should be interesting. If you want to know more about the drug induced sci-fi dreamings turned religion, I've found some fun stuff here. Craaaazy. Also, I have yet to see a better TV summary of what Scientology really is than Stephen Colbert's a few weeks ago on the Daily Show. No one mentions the aliens! It's the best part.

TVNewser reports on some changes CNN should make, according to another blogger. I like the pants part. *cough*

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A dead soldier's mother is protesting at the president's ranch. Who was her son? How did he die? What she wants from the president.
And of course that dream thing they didn't get to yesterday, but that was played on Prime News Tonight anyway.

Gawker has a quote from Anderson about Kevin Cahoon/Ghetto Cowboy. But really, who doesn't love glam rock? It's so sparkly.

Anyone catch Anderson on Charlie Rose? I didn't get it until the afternoon, I set the VCR, I was sleeping, the power apparently went out, I awoke to find someone had taken my tape out of the VCR anyway. Oh cruel world! I'm going to go a-searching for a recap.

Edit: Found a transcript and some caps. Hurrah!

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Tonight, we got:
Anatomy of dreams: What happens when you dream? How it can affect you while you're awake.
And that's it so far.

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Apparently Anderson's not on Charlie Rose until tomorrow. Which means I won't get it until Wednesday, if my calculations are correct, and they may not be. Keep your eyes open for it.

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As expected.
Years of smoking may have contributed to Peter Jennings' lung cancer. A look at the disease, how to fight it and if it can be beaten.
I know Sanjay's doing a special on cancer next weekend, so maybe stuff from that too.

And, crap, I just remembered that I forgot to watch Charlie Rose, which I get at NOON. If memory serves me correctly though, I get the previous days episode at noon. So maybe I'll have a report on it tomorrow. Maybe. Oh, PBS, why don't you bend to my will?

Anyone watching the Situation Room? Lots of stuff going on, very fast-paced but not head-spinningly so. I like it so far.

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Peter Jennings has died.

I got my news junkie start at an early age watching Peter Jennings on ABC, because my mom did, because he was Canadian, and made it big in America. And that's a big thing here. He was very well trusted in my house, and I grew up watching him. He loved hockey. This was a deal-breaker, of course. We're all very proud when the world ends up latching on to one of ours, and he was worth latching on to.

CNN has Aaron Brown and Jeff Greenfield sharing stories about Peter, as well as old clips and photos. My local ABC affiliate hasn't picked up the news yet, but I'm happy with what I've got. I've heard Fox is back to pretaped programming already. I think this makes me love CNN even more.

I'm sure Anderson will have lots to say tomorrow about it.

I wasn't going to post in here about this, but I thought it was important, even if it's just personal importance, to share a bit of my crazy news junkie story.

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CNN's replaying Starving in Plain Sight Sunday afternoon at 5pm, in case you missed it.

And Anderson's on On The Story this weekend, which is on in like, ten minutes, 7pm on Saturday, and Sunday morning too, 10am. If you're not watching this show anyway, you should be, it's great. Reporters give more personal reflections on recent stories they've been covering, answer questions from the audience, and other reporters too. It's definitely my favourite new show on CNN.

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Tonight + Snark.

How can children be allowed to starve? Is international aid too late? Anderson Cooper travels to famine ravaged Niger to put a human face on the hunger crisis.
I don't know if it contains anything new, or if it's just a mashup of Monday and Tuesday, but we'll see.

And Gawker snarks it.

WHAC says Anderson's going to be on Charlie Rose on Monday. So now I have to figure out when that's on.

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Wait, what?

I swear this is real.
Trampolines are a hot item for backyard fun. How they may be putting you and your family in harm's way.
So. The show is about the bad things trampolines can do. I think that's pretty obvious. I kind of hope Anderson isn't hosting, because that sounds insane.

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Personal e-mails you send at work may not be private. Your boss could be monitoring every move you make. What are your rights?
Which is actually a story Daniel Sieberg did a few weeks ago, if the commercials are any indication. So, probably no Anderson today. Or else, Anderson AND Sieberg, which may make me explode.

TVNewser has a teensy thing about a ratings increase. They regularly have daily numbers too, which I might start posting here. Maybe. We'll see.

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A rerun!

I was working all day and just got home, so I've got catch up news.

WHAC says we're getting a rerun tonight because of the plane crash in Toronto. But only a rerun at 11pm, not at 4am as well. Weird.

That's all for now. More Niger famine stuff tonight, as well as the plane crash.

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Some media.

TVNewser has a little blurb, including a brief word on his vacation, and stuff from David. So sad tonight.

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Monday, today, tonight.

Children are starving to death. Anderson Cooper travels to Africa to put a human face on the hunger crisis in Niger.
And they're been promoting like there's no tomorrow, too. He's in Niger Tuesday as well.

And Happy Simcoe Day to my fellow Canadians. No, I don't know what it is, but it can't be too important because the malls are open. Ta.

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