Come on.

Gawker has some video of the Paris Hilton snark going on last night on 360.

CNN has made a huge mistake letting their anchors cover the story this way. Whether they like it or not, it's news. People want to hear about it, even if you don't. Either cover it, and cover it fairly, or don't cover it at all. It's a slippery slope from making fun of Paris Hilton to Lou Dobbs-style airing of personal opinion every night. Let's not go there, please.

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Oh, Rufus.

Disclosure: I love Rufus Wainwright more than almost anything in the world. I remember with disturbing clarity the first time I heard April Fools, the exact moment I bought Poses, the crippling joy when my best-friend-cum-partner asked if I liked that Rufus Wainwright guy.

So, my first reaction upon hearing Rufus had said this (via Queerty):
If they stay in the closet, they’re going to make a lot more money. I go to the same gym as Anderson Cooper. When I look at him lifting those 5-pound weights, it makes me think, He’s just trying to live his life and be all that he can be. But he still goes to the gayest gym in New York.
...was not really shock, anger, or even mirth but mostly OMFG THEY GO TO THE SAME GYM. I'm what you'd call "objective."

Gawker wants to know what, exactly, is the gayest gym in New York. Perez loves it. Page Six is all NUH-UH. But ASL has the prettiest pictures.

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What a diva.

Not even Anderson, but Larry King. Via TVNewser:

And who else caught Larry's other dig at Anderson last night? He said something about how he'd be there for an hour, but Anderson would be there for three. It was pretty damn awkward.

The next debate is an experiment in web 2.0 meeting cable 1.0. It'll be moderated by Anderson Cooper, but the questions will be submitted via YouTube. Good luck with that, CNN.

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Democratic debates were yesterday, and if you missed all six hours of coverage, and the subsequent rerun of four hours of coverage, you...well, you're didn't really miss anything, but you're less of a nerdface than I am.

Greta Van Susteren criticizes CNN's coverage of the debates for using only white men. Of course, had she actually watched the coverage, she would have seen Candy Crowley, Donna Brazile, and JC Watts. Elsewhere, there were some technical difficulties and bloggers getting arrested in the spin room.

And we get to do it all over again tomorrow night!

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