The Unpleasantness.

Oh ho, lots and lots.

First off, the words that were secretly whispered to our closest circle of CNN nerdfriends have come true. Kiran Chetry has indeed usurped Erica Hill as the 360 update girl. This leaves a bad taste in our mouth, and we pray it doesn't stick. Because, quite frankly, ew. Just ew.

Keith Olbermann is still all snappy and witty and agreeable. We love everything he says.
Anderson Cooper: "...He is the only person who has not been informed that he is a marketing experiment."

Glenn Beck: "A wolf in sheep's clothing. A very dangerously bigoted guy who's selling himself as a pragmatic philosopher. I don't think he sees his own bigotry. There's something about him that suggests one night he will say something that costs him his career in television."

Nancy Grace: "Anybody who would embellish the story of their own fiance's murder should spend that hour a day not on television but in a psychiatrist's chair. Really."
Ah, the glory of the opinionated newsman. We wish for more of you, Keith! And also, digital cable to watch you upon, instead of just for the few weeks out of the year we spent at the boyfriend's. Ahem.

And then there was Daniel Craig + Anderson Cooper. A resounding yes, and please videotape.

John Gibson hates Anderson for covering real news, which hits hard to anyone who doesn't give a fuck about Anna Nicole. Ouch? Meanwhile, Jon Klein defends the amount of time CNN spent on the story. And somewhere, Jack Cafferty shivers, but doesn't quite know why.

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Charity auction, head.

Today's big Anderson-related story seems to be the charity auction outing. Links everywhere, but we're directing you to ASL, by way of the funniest coverage thus far:
Will he turn to Mr. Hicks and be like "Ok, here's the deal. I'm not out, because CNN needs the hayseeds in the Midwest to keep tuning in. So I'll spring for dinner and let you blow me. How's that? But sign this first."
Romantic, tragic, and hilarious.

And tonight on 360:
ncarcerated: Prison's revolving door. Why so many young black men end up there. Is there any way to change the trend?
So Happy President's Day.

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Wikipedia, Foxipedia.

Gawker wants us all to truck on over to Anderson's Wikipedia entry and creatively edit it. I defy them to get by the horrific troupe of fangirls who dedicate their lives to the whole "straightwashing" business. It's not that they want him "in" it's that they want him asexual. Weirdos.

360 gets to try out Fox News grab Kiran Chetry. She subbed for Soledad this morning, and 360 tonight, yikes. Long day.

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MSNBC with the weird ads.

From ICN, comes this ad, purporting Cooper is out, and Olbermann is in.

And leaving us confused, as they aren't directly competing, and one can actually watch both shows quite harmoniously. Hm. With Olbermann still negotiating with MSNBC, could they just be trying to woo him?

What a weird, illogical ad.

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Et Tu, Keith?

We here at EDC love Keith Olbermann a lot. And we sort of knew this day would come, even though he seemed to take CNN's side in the whole Greta v. Cooper business a few weeks ago. And he's a smart man, with a lot of valid points.

So, we don't mind when he says it should be a national holiday when 360 has 22 minutes of news a night. [via TVNewser] Because, we sort of know it's true, although exaggerated.

Though, we wonder if this was old 360, 7pm pre-K 360, would he have anything to complain about? They had strikingly similar shows, back then.

It's well known, however, that Anderson doesn't like the two hour format, and it is a bit much. No one else gets two hours, and there might be a reason for that, and for all the second hour specials. It's a lot of time to fill up. But is a return to the old 360, the irreverent, fun, quirky 360 the way to go?

We'd like to see what Olbermann does with a two hour version of Countdown, we really would.

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Ex-Gays, New Orleans, Men's Journal

Tonight on 360:
Bloodshed over oil. We go 360° on the Nigeria battleground for billions of barrels and the wealth oil generates.
Does that mean pretape, or no? All of the "programming notes" throughout yesterday's show were a tad confusing.

ASL proclaims Men Love Fashion Week Too and we slap our foreheads. Only girls like pretty things. That being said, the new Heatherette is fabulous.

Thursday, we get a gritty special called "Murder City, USA" Brian Williams is also reporting from New Orleans.

The "ex-gay" business from last night got some play, but the best of the headlines goes to Queerty.

And finally, America's Toughest Reporter (seriously.) graces the cover of Men's Journal. In true manly fashion, it also sports an article about the "World's Finest Watches."

ETA: Forgot to mention, Erica Hill comes back tonight, and we couldn't be happier. Three months has felt like years. Hm. Guess not. She'll be back on Monday, apparently.

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You know, if there really is a gay agenda, the Washington Blade is making an ass out of all of us.

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Tonight on 360:
He risked his life to bring down the hell's angels. Now they're out to get him. Why the government he went undercover for won't protect him.
Fashion week > Tornadoes.

Gawker has backstage at the Diane Von Furstenberg show and so does New York, but we're too busy reading the Fug Girls to notice. I will never stop chuckling at New York Fugging City, NEVER.

TVNewser links us to a B&C article where Jon Klein waxes poetic about Anderson's reporting. Kick-ass reporting, however, sounds like a fratboy talking about a kegger.

While we're on the subject, Paris Hilton weighs in. Rather, her publicist does.

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It works on a few levels.

Oh, FNC. If Anderson is the Paris Hilton of cable news, pray tell, who is the Nicole Ritchie? The Britney Spears? Let's assign all of our anchors and reporters celebrity alter-egos!

Anyway, TVNewser has CNN's retaliatory ad that itself is a snarkfest:
It's Called Journalism.
I'd like to change some punctuation, however, to make it read, It's Called, Journalism? because if we're going to be catty bitches via print ads, we might as well go full force.

There's also a smaller blog ad that's virtually (hah!) identical, and the 360 blog has advertising now! [Via HuffPo]

And everyone's favourite weatherman (or at least mine) Rob Marciano, blogs from Florida, leading me to spend all afternoon parked in front of the TV. As if I'd be anywhere else, anyway!

ETA: The ticker is saying Anderson's going to be in Florida tonight too.

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