All I Ever Wanted.

Vacation time. Leaving tomorrow morning for New York, book signings, the Daily Show, the usual sort of thing. Might update from the boyfriend's if I get the chance. Back in a week and a half!

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For hilarious reasons?

Tonight on 360:
What Congress is doing with your money. They say they oppose it, but they just keeps handing out the pork.
I'm hoping the bad grammar is because it sounds freaking hilarious.

Mistakes abound, and fashion is judged. [Jossip - Perhaps the Full 360 Degrees Is Asking Too Much, and Anderson Cooper's Telling Fashion Choices]

It's Fleet Week, but this is entirely unrelated? I guess. [Queerty - Morning Goods: Fleet Week]

If you're reading this reminder of Anderson co-hosting Regis and Kelly this morning, you, like me, have already missed it. Suckers.

Who likes book signings? List of upcomings:

* 6/6/06 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Union Square. New York, NY.
* 6/7/06 7:00 PM at Olsson’s Books - Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA.
* 6/9/06 7:00 PM at Borders Books – North Michigan Avenue. Chicago, IL.
* 6/12/06 7:00 PM at Book Soup - Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA.
* 6/25/06 1:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Veterans Blvd. Metairie, LA.
* 6/26/06 12:30 PM at Borders Books – Veterans memorial Blvd. Metairie, LA.

The NY signing coincides perfectly with my vacation. Ah, fate.

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Even I'm finding this blog boring lately. What can we do to improve? What do you want to see?

WITHIN REASON. I'm not going all sparkles and screencaps.

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The Big 2-4.

It was a holiday yesterday, yo.

Tonight on 360:
Thousands of cars go through border checkpoints everyday. How many are checked? Plus, Mexico's president's U.S. visit.
Same old.

The book is available everywhere but Canada, apparently, though I did manage to download it from iTunes, and thusly spent all night curled up with my iPod, Ana Nanette, and got five hours of crochet done. Productive! Though I am going on a citywide search for said book tonight, AFTER Erica, of course.

And of course there was Oprah today, heavily covered by Gawker. Having just heard the book, I agree, there was nothing new. It seemed word for word. Kind of frustrating. [Gawker - Oprahs Revels In Anderson’s Misfortune, Anderson Will Be Embarrassed on ‘World News Now,’ Always and Anderson on ‘Oprah’: Spoiler Alert!]

Jossip has a lovely full, bountiful review of the interview. If I were cheesier, I'd say something like, gee your review smells great! But I'm not, so forget it just happened. [Jossip - Laughing and Crying With Anderson Cooper and Oprah]

And the rest:

ICN - Anderson Cooper Book Review…, Anderson Cooper Interview 1
TVNewser - Anderson Cooper & More

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Oh, Friday.

Tonight on 360:
A fugitive polygamist's cult following that could make catching him deadly. Plus, the battle on the border: trafficking drugs, people and sex.
I have a sneaking suspicion the last hour will be the same as yesterdays. Oh, laze. I know it's Friday, but, really.

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Tonight on 360:
Live on the border. A shadowy highway carrying people, drugs and sex slaves. The hidden front in the border battle.
Again. Dobbs!

Anderson's co-hosting Regis & Kelly next next Tuesday. Gee, isn't that when the book comes out? Hm.

The World Forum outs fanaticals, terrifies me. [The World Forum - Fan Fanaticism and the Anderson Cooper Effect]

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But you are, Blanche, you are in that chair.

Tonight on 360:
He's one of America's Ten Most Wanted. Why is a polygamist leader on the run still making millions a month? Is it legal?
And I hear tell the book is out on the 30th now, instead of the whatever it was before. 28th? Something like that.

I don't know why this amuses, perhaps because it's a slow day. But a quick search for Anderson Cooper gives me three of my favourite things.

And yes, it really is that boring today.

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Movie tie-ins!

Tonight on 360:
More secret than "The Da Vinci Code," centuries-old religious orders are still operating today. A search for the truth.
That's not news.

Speaking of no news, another one of those slow days.

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But the footlongs are great.

Tonight on 360:
LIVE from Chicago with Bush speech analysis. Plus, what one local official decided to do about illegal immigration.
Chicago, hm? How many jackets? I say four.

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Tonight on 360:
Hiding in plain sight? Tips are pouring in about a fugitive polygamist leader. What will happen if he's caught?
Today is slow, ya'll.

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The Phantom Laudes.

Tonight on 360:
A fugitive sect leader: Where police believe he's hiding, and why cornering him could end in bloodshed.
Still in Utah, anyone know?

She loves him, she loves him not. The Oprah website took down their "How has Anderson Inspired You?" dealie, all in one day. Hm. Did the internets overwhelm with their scary love? [Jossip - Oprah Was Inspired to Take Down Anderson Cooper, ICN - Cooper/Oprah: Fallout…, TVNewser - Update: Oprah Doesn't Want To Know If Anderson Cooper Inspires You]

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On Location!

Tonight on 360:
Anderson Cooper is LIVE from with an in-depth look at polygamy. As the FBI hunts for accused polygamist leader, Warren Jeffs, we bring you the story you haven't heard. Why would a woman want to share her husband?
It must be special if they allcapsed LIVE.

I'm STILL smarting about missing Grey Gardens. [A Socialte's Life - Anderson Cooper's Coming To Broadway!]

Additional Anderson + Oprah. Is it overkill?[Jossip - Anderson Cooper Inspires Us to Watch Oprah, ICN - Opinion: “Anderson Overkill” reaches a new high…or is it low?, TVNewser - Oprah Wants to Know]

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The Smell of Influence.

Tonight on 360:
Billions in tax dollars wanted for what some call 'pork' projects. How taxpayers could get stuck with the tab.
Wasn't this last week? I distinctly remember hearing the words "pork-fest" more than once. And giggling.

Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential thing was last night. There was Anderson, and Stephen Colbert and probably other people too, who knows? [Jossip - Time's 100 Most Influential Reasons to Host An Event, FishBowlNY - Inside the Time 100 Party and Time 100: The Most Influential People in the Room]

The Vanity Fair is out today, hard to miss, go get it. I haven't, because apparently it's hotter than the face of the sun today.

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Superfun Press Release Day!

Tonight on 360:
It was a heartbreaking tragedy. Now, a 9/11 memorial could break the bank. Is it worth it? We're keeping them honest.
And lots more CIA stuff, too.

As was "speculated" a few weeks ago, it was announced today that Anderson will be contributing reports to 60 Minutes on CBS. The reports will also be on CNN, so don't rush for that remote. They had a deal like this with Christiane too, for a while. [CBS - Cooper To Contribute To '60 Minutes']

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Finally, someone else notices.

Tonight on 360:
Another administration shakeup. What CIA Director Porter Goss' resignation means for the agency's uncertain future.
And probably lots about Patrick Kennedy.

Oh, FINALLY some mainstream about the spanking that never was, but made me squeal and think all sorts of wrong things. [Jossip - Cable Quotables: Who Wouldn't Want to Spank Anderson Cooper?]

No schedule shake-ups at Momma-CNN, just some studio changes. HLN gets reworked Monday, remember. [TVNewser - Shuffling Studios At CNN & HLN]

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Yeah, because.

Tonight on 360:
Protests, a Spanish anthem, and Congress choosing sides. Why illegal immigration is becoming the new national divide.
The eight million other shows out there haven't answered these questions already. Blame Dobbs.

Ratings are down, and a certain picture from the VF spread is being touted as "creepy." I saw it yesterday, it's not terribly creepy. I've seen creepier things in Vanity Fair. Last month's cover, for example? Julia Roberts in fairy wings? Nevermind, Julia Roberts in anything? Shudder.[TVNewser - Let's See the Creepy Cooper Photo]

Edit:Now ICN has the picture. [Inside Cable News - Cooper’s Vanity Fair photo…]

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Hello, blog!

Tonight on 360
Caught on tape. He was cuffed and on the ground when he was shot. A police execution or justice? See for yourself.
But expect that to change, with the Moussaoui verdit just in.

Rush & Mulloy did a piece about the piece in Vanity Fair, which is about his book. And now I'm doing a piece about the piece about the piece about the book. [NY Daily News - Cooper's Own Sad Story]

The Vanity Fair is out next Tuesday, the 9th.

And next MONDAY, in non/slightly-related news, HLN is moving Prime News Tonight, the darling Erica Hill's show from 9pm to 6pm, and she's all solo now. Which means: I never have to watch Lou Dobbs again.

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