A dead soldier's mother is protesting at the president's ranch. Who was her son? How did he die? What she wants from the president.
And of course that dream thing they didn't get to yesterday, but that was played on Prime News Tonight anyway.

Gawker has a quote from Anderson about Kevin Cahoon/Ghetto Cowboy. But really, who doesn't love glam rock? It's so sparkly.

Anyone catch Anderson on Charlie Rose? I didn't get it until the afternoon, I set the VCR, I was sleeping, the power apparently went out, I awoke to find someone had taken my tape out of the VCR anyway. Oh cruel world! I'm going to go a-searching for a recap.

Edit: Found a transcript and some caps. Hurrah!

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At 10:19 p.m., Anonymous Alia said...

The world conspired against me seeing it too. My stupid PBS station doesn't show Charlie Rose on Tuesdays, so now I have an hour of POV taped instead. Unfortunately, Tuesday's episodes don't appear to be shown ever. I can't afford to buy it on DVD. Sigh. I guess I'll have to settle for the transcript. That and the really bad haircut I got today (while missing 360) are making me perilously close to tears.


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