A rerun!

I was working all day and just got home, so I've got catch up news.

WHAC says we're getting a rerun tonight because of the plane crash in Toronto. But only a rerun at 11pm, not at 4am as well. Weird.

That's all for now. More Niger famine stuff tonight, as well as the plane crash.

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At 9:15 p.m., Anonymous california girl said...

The Reporter's Notebook tonight was excellent. The photos of Anderson and the small children were lovely. There were photos of Anderson wading in a river with his pants rolled up, he seemed so relaxed and comfortable in Africa even under such dire circumstances. Anderson and his 360 crew apparently had to push the truck out of the mud, oh, the glamour of the news business! He's got a long trip back, so we probably won't see him the rest of the week.

At 10:07 p.m., Anonymous Christian said...

Tonight's show was so amazing! Those people go through so much for so little. It is really unfair. On a lighter note, I loved the pictures of Andy wading through the river, jeans rolled up! How utterly adorable!-


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