And tonight:

Working hard to get ahead? Why cutting back may get you farther both professionally and personally.
Kind of ironic.

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Next week.

WHAC reports that Anderson will be anchoring live from Niger next Monday and Tuesday. There's a press release here.

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Tonight, tonight.

Islamic leaders, trying to clean up the fallout from the London attacks, want to set the record straight about British Muslims.
So there's that.

I missed this from FishBowlNY yesterday.

And that's all so far.

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Well, finally.

Anderson was back tonight, and the show was kind of split between him in London and Heidi in NY. It was an alright arrangement, as the sattelite didn't seem too co-operative all the time. He's in London again tomorrow, maybe until the end of the week.

So, I can stop bitching now. Ah.

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WHAC says:
Heidi Collins has filled in for Anderson Cooper the last week or so. An e-mailer says it was announced tonight AC will return Wednesday and be LIVE from London.
Did anyone see that? I was only half-watching. Not even half, like, quarter-watching. I've heard Thursday and Monday elsewhere in rumours but did they actually say this on the show?

I hope.

Edit: It's a for sure thing. Happiness.

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Can eating less help you live longer? Success stories from people who say dieting helps keep them young.
Haven't we seen this before? Does this No, I won't say it. I'm just going to be over here in the corner, jumping to conclusions.

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That's fine.

Radar has a picture and some stuff. So we can just stare at that until tomorrow.

Nothing else, move along.

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Monday, Monday.

Selling Jesus: Sermons and prayer mixed with music and ads. We'll look at how companies are using religion to sell their brand.
So that sounds good. I'm going to assume Anderson's back tonight from the Longest Vacation in History. What was it, like, eighteen weeks?

...not really, but it sure felt like it. Fingers, toes, arms, but not legs, crossed.

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The weekend!

Perez wants a shoutout. Don't we all?

And uh, that's all for the weekend so far. Tomorrow is Monday! This is happy news! Exclamation! I have to go to work now!

...nope, no amount of punctuation can make that exciting. Grumble!

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Aaand tonight:

Police may have identified suspects behind yesterday's attacks in London. The latest on the investigation.
Probably sans Anderson again. Will Monday never come?

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London's transit system is rocked for the second time in two weeks. Are the incidents linked?
And they're really pimping it with commercials. I've barely been awake and have already seen a few. Hopefully he's back. Which I will keep saying every day until he is back.

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Sort of a thing.

Happy Birthday to Erica Hill.

They showed the most hilarious old picture of her on PNT tonight. She says it wasn't a mullet, and I'm going to humour her. But, geez, let's hope no one ever has hair like that again. If I can find a copy of it, you better believe I'm posting it here.

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And we don't know.

CNN doesn't have a summary up for tonight's episode, so I'm going to make one up.
A look into the real life of John Roberts - where does he buy his ties, and his produce? If you chop off his fingers, will they grow back? Also, doesn't sand just get everywhere? I mean, the beach is nice, but honestly, I didn't think I'd be hosing sand out of my...I've said too much. Tonight, on 360.
No word on whether Anderson's back or not. There really isn't anything else to update about. I could make more stuff up, if you want.

Edit: And again with the no Anderson. If it were Erica filling in again, I'd be a little less bored. Okay, a lot. She did such a good job on Friday. More! OR: Anderson can come back.

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Heidi again today. Not much else to say beyond that. Maybe he'll be back tomorrow to discuss the appointment nomination. That there's big important news.

Edit: Not that Anderson's actually on his show tonight, but the 11pm one is not a rerun, but live, says WHACNN.

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Links, tonight, blah blah.

Gawker comments on Anderson's new Details column.

And tonight:
Who's leading the pack? How did the president narrow it down? We'll preview the president's announcement of his high court pick.
And hopefully he'll be there to cover this Very Important News. Also, 360 is rerunning at 11pm and 2am ET. I'm not sure why, but I'm not asking too many questions.

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More Anderson + Scissor Sisters.

From the NY Daily News:
So, downtown popsters the Scissor Sisters have been doing secret sets at Mercury Lounge under the name Bridget Jones's Diarrhea.

"All the club kids were there, but the biggest star was [CNN anchor] Anderson Cooper", says a friend who was at their Wednesday show.

"One queen in a gold gown and tartan wrap asked him for a picture. He declined.

"Then said queen told Mr. Cooper that he was the fiercest and that he better work that CNN, Miss Thing. With all that flattery, Anderson couldn't help but take a picture."

So now you know what to say to have your picture taken with Anderson Cooper.
Good to know. ALSO good to know what to wear when/if I end up at a Scissor Sisters show. Which, I'm crossing my fingers for soon.

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Gawker Stalker:
Last night (Wed 7/13), my friend and I saw Anderson Cooper sashay his way into the “secret” Scissor Sisters show at Mercury Lounge. He must have came straight from work as he was wearing a suit.
Mm. Scissor Sisters.

FishBowlNY pits Anderson against Abrams, and the result is me wishing I had MSNBC.

Anderson wasn't on today, Heidi was. I haven't watched it yet, so I don't know if there was mention of tomorrow. Let's hope.

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No Anderson.

No Anderson tonight, but I don't really mind. I love Erica with a fierce, scary passion.

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Tonight, and stuff.

Old fashioned birth control is getting modern day attention. Is it working? We'll look at how many couples are using it.
Which reminds me of yesterday, when we were moving ceiling tiles around at work, and an antiquated box of condoms fell from the sky. $5.99 for twelve, said the pricetag. Were we ever so young? Ah, the world of retail. I guess the funniest part is that I work at a craft store, so there's no need for ceiling-condoms. Now, if yarn fell from the sky...ooh boy.

The Xbox 360 launches November 4th, says Kotaku. Now, I know this seems unrelated - and it is - but I'm short on news. And video games are cool.

Any tips today, dollfaces?

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Tonight, and jokes.

It's a common problem, and it can ruin marriages. We'll look at what can wreck the romance in relationship
And whoever commented yesterday about this series eating into the Nth is right. It's eating into everything. Only one news update yesterday, and it kills me a little bit.

FishBowlNY has the funny Jon Stewart made about Anderson last night. And some other stuff, none of which is really Anderson related. Kind of a catch-all entry, there.

That's it so far. Dragging myself off to work now. How do people get up in the morning? You're all crazy.

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Tonight and the potato.

Can your marriage survive infidelity? One couple's story and how they help other couples strengthen their relationships.
Which continues that Love, Sex, and Marriage dealie we'll be seeing all week. I know dealie isn't the right word, but I can't think of it right now. So, dealie it is.

WHACNN has a link to the potato. It's up to $202.50. Yipes.

FishBowlNY is truly there for Anderson.

And today, on an (un)related note, is National Male Appreciation Day.

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Men put under the microscope, not for a job, but for a date. We'll show you the lengths one man takes, to protect his daughters.
Wow...really? That's news? I guess so.

No linkage yet today. It's doesn't rain, it pours.

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Tonight, and a whack of links.

Anderson anchors live from one of the hard hit areas as residents survey the damage left behind by Dennis. Was it as bad as first thought? Tune in at 7 p.m. ET.
As long as he stays away from hotel signs. Yeech.

WHACNN brings up a question a lot of blogs have been talking about today, whether Anderson's coverage was overdone or not. It's a hurricane, he wasn't miming.

TVNewser has some coverage as well, and more here and here.

Lost Remote gave Anderson and John Most Dramatic Video, and CNN Best Coverage. I'd be objective, but honestly, I don't get any other cable news channels.

FishbowlNY liveblogged it, funny as always.

CNN Coverage Notes liveblogged it too, but with screencaps.

I think that's all for now. If I find anything else, I'll slap it up here too. There's a storm heading in next weekend, so we might be going through it all over again.

Edit: Gawker on fantasies being "mugged by reality.". Perhaps, a little true.

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Hurricaned Pt 2.

Anderson's in Pensacola. Terrifying, really. It's calmed down now, but it was worse earlier. Of course, I missed it, but there's a video here, and probably more to come. Updates as it happens.

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I'm at work until 3ish today, and can't cover the coverage until later. Sad. If anyone notices anything worthwhile, post it. Cause, I don't have a little portable TV like Dr. House. But man, I wish I had a cane to hit people with.


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What vacation?

Anderson Cooper jets from London to the teeth of the storm to report live on Sunday, joining several dozen reporters, producers, and camera crews deployed thruout the possible landing zone.
Welcome back, Anderson.

Also, the set yesterday was the Time Warner Centre newsroom. Looked nice, but a bit like a local news studio.

And tonight on 360:
Our prime-time coverage of Thursday's bombings begins with Anderson live in London on the frontlines of the investigation.
Which I think we all expected. No word on weekend programming, short of the hurricane stuff yet.

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Or maybe not.

The CNN Tonight newletter dealie says only:
Our special prime-time coverage of today's London attacks begins with new developments from CNN's Christiane Amanpour.
So I have no idea what's going on.

Update: He's on. TVNewser had him en route to London earlier, and I'm not entirely sure where he is.

Update #2: New York. Him and Paula are still in NY for the time being. London tomorrow, I'd expect. Also, it was a total of nine hours for Miles and Soledad. I want to bake them a cake. Full of coffee.

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Best Story In A Regularly Scheduled Newscast:
Anderson Cooper 360 Anetta's Choice
Just one of four CNN noms. MSNBC got 7, and Fox, NONE. Suck it, Fox. Here's the press release.

And it looks like most shows are going to be pre-empted for today. That's all.

Update: TVNewser is reporting that Anderson and Paula will be co-anchoring from 7-9pm. Anyone else want to pet Miles and Soledad and send them off to bed? Poor things.

Update the second: CNN showed a commercial for the prime time coverage confirming the previous update. So, Anderson tonight.

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It's an estimated $15 billion industry. Take a rare glance inside the dangerous and deadly world of exotic animal smuggling.
Sounds familiar too. And vacations are great and all, but does everyone have to take them at the same time? All my nerdy things are gone for the week. The pain.

In slightly topical, but mostly unrelated news, Erica Hill was back yesterday, and wore her nerd glasses. My heart skipped more than one beat.

Continue about your daily business. It's almost next week, right?

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With John King in for Wolf Blitzer, and Kitty Pilgrim for Lou Dobbs, and Phyllis Jackson doing the after 5pm Now in the News over on, I'm going to jump to the conclusion that Anderson's away today as well. John King said he'd be in again tomorrow for Wolf, so maybe all the anchors have the week off. Even dear, sweet Erica Hill has been away.

Stagger your anchor's holidays, CNN! It makes my heart sad.

Also? I picked the worst week to start this blog. It's like they knew.

Update: Yep. No Anderson again. Note to Rudi: MAC sells matte, too.

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And tonight:

Illegal sunscreens: We're told to wear sunscreen outdoors, but is yours protecting you completely?
I never go outside, so my only worry is sunlight magnified by the windows. They touched on this yesterday, I think (listen, I was half-paying attention, Rudi's frosted eyeshadow gives me the creeps), and there was something about it during the weekend too.

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Fridays Numbers.

Because, crap, we're short on news thus far. I really didn't want to have to do a numbers post, but ratings are important.

From Inside Cable News:
FOX Report with Shepard Smith - 1,151,000 viewers (236,000)
Anderson Cooper 360 - 434,000 viewers (146,000)
Hardball - 351,000 viewers (70,000)
Take THAT, Matthews.

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Le sigh.

Bakhtiar tonight. No Anderson. Sadface.

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Car fires at gas stations are more common than you might think. Do you know how to protect yourself at the pump?

Sounds like Mythbusters to me.

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Anderson's on, and it's a pretape. Germs, germs, germs. Always with the germs. Enjoy.

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Tonight on 360:

Dirty ice, office germs, and menacing mold are enough to make you and your family sick! We'll tell you how to stay healthy.

From the CNN Tonight newsletter dealie. I'll be assuming he won't be hosting, because that's all just rerun stuff. Grah.

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Hey, whoa. This Anderson Cooper newsblog starts tomorrow. Note the clever name. So, basically we'll be linking to exciting news and blog stories about Anderson. Why? Because, I want to, and I have a lot of time on my hands.

Also, I'm in absolutely no way affiliated with him, or CNN, or anything ever. There was another AC newsblog, but it went under recently, and left me with a void I could only fill with my own two hands.

I am well aware how bad that sounds. Anyway.

Tomorrow, people. I do not rest for American holidays!

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