Peter Jennings has died.

I got my news junkie start at an early age watching Peter Jennings on ABC, because my mom did, because he was Canadian, and made it big in America. And that's a big thing here. He was very well trusted in my house, and I grew up watching him. He loved hockey. This was a deal-breaker, of course. We're all very proud when the world ends up latching on to one of ours, and he was worth latching on to.

CNN has Aaron Brown and Jeff Greenfield sharing stories about Peter, as well as old clips and photos. My local ABC affiliate hasn't picked up the news yet, but I'm happy with what I've got. I've heard Fox is back to pretaped programming already. I think this makes me love CNN even more.

I'm sure Anderson will have lots to say tomorrow about it.

I wasn't going to post in here about this, but I thought it was important, even if it's just personal importance, to share a bit of my crazy news junkie story.

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