My Dearest CNN:

You are killing me.

I am well aware that the Angelina Jolie interview is a Huge Scoop for you. I'm very happy for you, CNN, really. I was a little wary about the amount of commercials you played, a week before the thing even aired, but hey, it's business. And then, the previews. A preview isn't 'exclusive' if you play it on every show, is it? You know I hate to give kudos to Lou Dobbs, but he refused to touch the subject. Of course, if it isn't about super-fences designed to kill Mexicans with lasers, he won't. Nonetheless, reluctant kudos.

And then Tuesday came, and I thought it would be over. I watched it, of course. It was...boring. You got good ratings, nicely done. But that wasn't the end of it, was it? No. It had to be further discussed on every other show you had, and summarized for days.

Friday, the reruns started. I know the Friday 360 track record is not very good. Not many live shows, and if it is live, the last hour is almost always a pretaped "special edition." It must be nice to have the power to take Fridays off all the time, and not report the news.

But it didn't stop at Friday, oh no. Saturday afternoon. Saturday night. Sunday.

All told, you have thus far, played 11 reruns of the Angelina Jolie interview, in place of things like, THE NEWS.

I wish I could say it was just with this one interview, but darling CNN, you're failing me on so many levels. I remember a time when a single story wasn't rerun on every show. Some stories are important, yes. But some (namely, anything Rick Sanchez covers*) are not.

Now, maybe normal people aren't up in arms about this, but I happen to watch a staggering amount of CNN. And when I can't stand CNN anymore, I switch to HLN. I don't have the luxury of other cable news channels. I suspect if I had MSNBC, I might have the same problem. After all, I am rabidly in love with Keith Olbermann, and Tucker Carlson, but only with the sound down.

What I'm trying to say is: CNN, there is news to cover somewhere. There is a direction you have to go towards. Jon Stewart, as usual, is right. It doesn't matter what you're talking about with the celebrity, it is still a celebrity interview.

Pull up your socks before I get digital cable, CNN. Don't base your schedule around one poorly-done interview.

Waning Love,


* - Rick. I know you're bilingual. Because you make mention of this in EVERY STORY YOU COVER. I didn't need to know your family history, but you mention it at every turn. And don't sign off live shots by saying "I'm Rick Sanchez." We know you're Rick Sanchez, sadly. We know all too well.

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Tonight on 360:
Another chance to see the interview that made headlines. Angelina Jolie talks to Anderson about refugee relief and motherhood.
AND reruns on Saturday and Sunday? Criminey.

That's all for today, too many things this week.

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Laze on Mondays.

Tonight on 360:
A preview of Anderson's exclusive interview with Angelina Jolie. Hear about her passion for refugee relief and the new baby.
We've been getting previews for about a week, remember.

Blogging about blogging about blogging. [Jossip - Anderson Cooper Blogs On Angelina Jolie]

There's other stuff too, but it's all pretty much the same. And it's Monday, come on.

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I see.

Tonight on 360:
Live from Seattle. Millions spent to build a jail in a crime ridden city. Two years later, it sits empty. Anderson's keeping them honest on what's the holdup!
Aaaand then back to NY.

...Because Daily Show apperance on Wednesday, which means we don't have to feel as guilty about not watching the second hour for once.

The Anatomy of an anonymous tip run wild, or: Why the Internets is Dangerouser than the Newspapers. [TVNewser - Case Study: How An Anonymous Tip Becomes An Out-Of-Control Rumor, FishbowlNY - Did Time Inc.'s $4M Buy Of Shiloh For People Include Anderson Cooper? and Jossip - People's $4 Million Shiloh Fee Included Anderson Cooper]

And even though they've been running commercials since Tuesday, people are kind of late on the Angelina interview bandwagon. Then again, I guess not everyone is unemployed with nothing but CNN on their minds/TVs. [Gawker - Anderson Cooper Gets 1/5 of Brangelina Brood, A Socialite's Life - Anderson Cooper Snags First Angelina Jolie Post Pregnancy Interview]

Cable Quotables! Context need not apply. [Jossip - Cable Quotables: Anderson Cooper is Not Alone]

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It's LIKE science.

Because nothing could be more...symbolic?

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I came back. And so too does the blog.

Tonight on 360:
Live from L.A., California classrooms are the latest battleground in the immigration debate. Is it English or else?
L.A. again means natural light!

I don't have much to talk about, book signing-wise. I turned the heel on a sock, and there were freckles. There are pictures, and videos, and I may post them accordingly.

Other people were much more intrepid in L.A. You can buy pins that say the same from emotionlotion.org. Not that I have. They were a present. I was just holding them for a friend. I learned it from you, okay? I learned it from you! [Jossip - Anderson Cooper Learns About His Sexual Powers]

#1 on the Times best seller list! [WHAC - AC Tops NYT Best Seller List]

We love Eat the Press over at HuffPo. It's so fun to watch the graph compute. Like magic.

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