You know.

I just feel more productive when I blog, even if it's barely anything.

Tonight on 360:
A fugitive dad who promised to give his son a lifesaving kidney has been spotted. Are authorities closing in?

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They what.

Tonight on 360:
Hillary Clinton and Trent Lott, two senators on opposite sides, team up to tell Bush how to fix Homeland Security.
I know Trent Lott lost his house and shit, but I still hate that bastard.

Story from the Times-Picayune yesterday that everyone picked up. You can count on me for day-late news! Good article though. [TVNewser - Anderson Cooper: Katrina "Reaffirmed My Belief In Reporting"]

And I just ate a Twizzler and rubbed my eye. It stings, who knew?

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Tonight on 360:
Racial slurs, humiliation, even a hit list. Fed up workers blow the whistle on racism on the job.
An update. I'm scared too. Except there's not much to update, but for that, so.

Yeah, more sporadic updates up in here for the next little while. Store closing, two jobs and job hunting and lots of other excuses! Because I'm awesome like that.


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