Additional Underpants Update.

Okay, so Anderson isn't a nevernude. But it's a perfectly natural disorder, anyway, there's no shame in it.

Yeah, there isn't really anything else to talk about again today. A lesser blog wouldn't even cover Showergate, but thankfully for you, bitchy gossip abounds!

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Glass houses.

Who among us cannot say they've showered in their undies? In high school, or during your first terrifying jaunt to the skeevy college showers? The latches on those doors never looked very safe. Besides, if we had a famous wang, we'd safeguard it too.

There's probably a lot more news today. CNN HD, CNN Heroes, and our all emcompassing love of Johnny Knoxville are high on the radar today. But top stories always involve underpants.

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Other media.

Up here in the vast wilds of Canada, the CBC made a decision not to show any of the media package the VA Tech shooter sent to NBC. CBC News Editor-in-Chief Tony Burman defends the decision, while NBC promises to cut down their coverage to roughly six minutes an hour. But that doesn't change the amount of coverage they gave the package yesterday, or the coverage every other news outlet gave it.

Everyone says they're dialing down the coverage now, but that fits nicely into the news cycle. Of course there wouldn't be as much coverage the day after, anywhere. No one should be patting themselves on the back.

Except maybe the CBC.

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VA Tech Coverage?

Apparently, John King will be hosting 360 again tonight, according to WHACNN. Strange, considering Anderson was mentioned to be en route last night. CNN has about 120 people deployed in the area, however, so we won't be lacking coverage.

CNN is making great use of the 360 blog for pieces of the story you might not get to hear elsewhere.

And don't forget about the brand new 360 Podcast.

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A chunk of change.

TVNewser is all over Anderson getting $50 million a year for 5 years. So are Gawker, ETP, and hell, even Perez. Let's just whip out the ol' calculator and see how that breaks down. Hm. $10 million a year.

What in the world do you do with $10 million a year? Rappers generally encrust things with diamonds and gold-dip their toilets, while microscopic actresses/singers/hangers-on buy giant designer handbags that are bigger than they are and pay people to dress them. We know what we would do: gold-dipped, diamond encrusted go-go boys to carry our giant designer handbags.

Oh, and watch the Seamen Ship video again.

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Easter Weekend.

We kicked back with Jaws all night long. God Bless shoving weathermen in anchor slots.

There really isn't any other news, it was just pleasing to see Rob Marciano mentioned on a blog. Other than this one. Or those...really creepy ones.

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Now Michael Musto is getting cover stories with his usual crap.

It's really maddening.

Disclosure: I'm a total fucking faggot. I don't need to get into the specifics, as they are vast and confounding, but as such, and in being part of many different queer-related communities ranging from gay to lesbian to trans, I will never understand this push to get all of the gays out of the closet. It makes us, as a community, seem vapid and stupid, like we'll only support the celebrities who press release their orientation and wear rainbow shorts every day of the week, not just on weekends.

It's not shameful to NOT slather your personal life all over the papers. A lot of straight celebrities don't blab about their private time, and no one gets their dander up about that. But if you're gay, the attitude is we need to know about it. We need names and numbers, dates and catalogs of reference. If you're gay, and fail to mention it in an interview, you're clearly ashamed of it.

And the worst part is, the more radical Michael Musto gets (and he's ramped it up in recent weeks) the more people seem to think he's speaking for us, like this is what we want

Michael Musto needs to stop picking on people. He's encouraging a new breed to gay journos who write their blogs from backwater towns and demand the heads of our 'closeted' celebrities so they can feel smug and proud if a single celebrity 'comes out.' They can point to their previous columns and articles and say I did that! Now I should be famous!

Stop it. Stop putting it on your covers. We're better than that.

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