Tonight on 360:
Live analysis of the president's State of the Union speech.
He's going to have a crapload of people on to respond to it, looks like fun.

Really, who hasn't thought luridly about Anderson in leather with a whip? On the bus ride to work, in the middle of stocking the yarn shelves, eating dinner, riding home, during Erica's updates. [Gawker - The Internet Delivers Your Anderson Fantasies]

Dispatches from the Edge is due out June 6th, according to Amazon.com, May 24th according to Amazon.ca, and May 2006 says Indigo/Chapters. I'll take May, thanks. It seems so far away, but maybe it will be less so if I pre-order. Probably not. [Amazon.com, Chapters.Indigo.ca and Amazon.ca]

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Another one.

There's a 360 blog now! Nerdy and exciting!
The tunnel is leaking. There are several inches of water on the ground, and they've brought in pumps to try to dry it out. They've already processed the crime scene, and tonight on the show we'll give you an exclusive tour.
And I'm not taking it out of context, I promise.

Alright, I am. Pumps, leaking, tunnels. It's all too much. [360Blog - Tunneling Into America]

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Tonight on 360:
Live with an exclusive tour of the largest and most elaborate smuggling tunnel running into the U.S. from Mexico.
I really want to remain mature and not draw everyone's attention to how symbolic touring a large smuggling tunnel is, but.

Anderson's on Oprah Tuesday, January 31, 2006. No idea why, check your local listings and maybe for once, I remember to freaking watch it.

Okay, back to work.

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One last go.

Before my swanky week in Manhattan. Drag bars and cheap hotels and convenience store booze*, oh my!

Tonight on 360:
A fire hazard fixed in police cars. Why has Ford not recommended the same changes for other cars with a similar design?
It's true, all the "hip kids" are watching 360. [TVNewser - Jon Klein To Marianne Paskowski: "Hate To Have The Facts Spoil Your Rant, But...]

And our favourite little Fishcrush is moving on. We wish you good luck and greener pastures, Rachel. Maybe snow-covered, it's still chilly up here. [FishbowlNY - The Winds of Change]

(*Convenience store booze - In Ontario, we can only buy wine in grocery stores, and other liquor at government approved stores that only sell liquor. Thus, the novelty will probably never wear off, as long as I'm on vacation.)

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I'm being a jerkface and not updating, here's the skinny: my store is probably closing, so I'm doing the job hunt thing while still working full time on a sinking ship. Anyone want to hire a snarky girlish thing with a mohawk? Yeah, that's how everyone else feels.

And I'm heading to New York for most of next week, so, apologies for that hiatus as well. I'll be back Sunday, and I swear I'll get back into the swing of things one day. Especially if I don't have a job! See, someone benefits!

Thanks for being patient and not glomping me with insults and quandries.

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Tonight on 360:
Her father lived here legally for 15 years. So why does the government want to deport a two year old?
We now have a handy list of Anderson-Things! AND a road trip to New Haven is in order. SPRING BREAK! [Gawker - Anderson Cooper: ‘Live,’ and with Kelly and Anderson Cooper: Live In New Haven]

No Botox! Well, that settles that completely totally unasked question. [Jossip - Media Blitz: Jon Friedman's shocking conclusion to his discovery of blogs/snarkiness/old news]

CNN's donating lots of clams (pun oh-so-intended) to the National Gay & Lesbian Journalists Association Scholarship Fund, in what is now being referred to as: The Cooper Effect. [Queerty - The Cooper Effect: CNN to Fund Gay Scholarship]

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Blogging before noon.

Tonight on 360:
President Bush promised to rebuild the Gulf. So why is federal aid running out? Plus, how sleeping in can boost your child's education.
Anderson's going to be on Regis and Skeletor Kelly tomorrow. So, watch out for that.

And due to lack of news today, let's go a little off topic. In this month's issue of "I Do", there is a wedding picture of my news girlfriend, Erica Hill. She wore a sari-type thing. I'm currently busting my little creepy ass off trying to find a copy of said magazine. Because, hot.

It's not like I'm going to paste pictures of my face over her husband's face. That's just...wrong.


The end.

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The blitz continues.

Tonight on 360:
Congressmen copping pleas, the majority leader stepping down. Who's keeping them honest? Plus, why the president is on his way to the Gulf Coast.
He's WHAT?! I swear, I never knew. [Gawker - 11Jan2006
Anderson Cooper Has No Idea Why People Are Convinced He’s Gay

Now. The "Anderson Effect?" Anyone else sick to death of press? [ICN - Shades of Grey]

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Lots of stuff.

Tonight on 360:
Katrina survivors being told to make room for Mardi Gras revelers. Plus, we look at what's at stake in the Alito hearings.
Gawker Stalker:
Spotted Anderson Cooper at dinner tonight at Le Tableau, excellent French Bistro in Alphabet City. First walked in and sat down with obviously gay mulatto dude, then two handsome, hipster flaming white dudes joined them minutes later. The table nearly engulfed in flames.
[Gawker - Gawker Stalker]

Okay, I lied, that wasn't lots.

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An update!

Just when I think I'm all free and clear. Getting worked to the sexy sexy bone before my vacation.

Tonight on 360:
Supreme Showdown: Is Samuel Alito ready to talk abortion? Plus, is multi-tasking more efficient or just a waste of time?
I think multi-tasking is just a more efficient way to waste time. Personally.

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Tonight on 360:
Outrage and sorrow, the families of 12 dead miners are demanding answers. What went wrong? And how did the sole survivor make it?
And don't forget about the reruns at 1am and 5am.

TVNewser was up late blogging last night. [Miners Dead: CNN Breaks News Of "Incredible Turn For The Worst" - TVNewser]

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Tonight on 360:
Keeping them honest: Why are victims of Katrina still not identified and DNA samples being sent to Bosnia for analysis?
Resolutions? Less poutine, more blogging.

Happy New Year.

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