Sightings, and such.

Anderson was lunching with Tom Ford yesterday, according to Page Six. Business or pleasure? Whatever, just videotape it.

Dear Thomas Roberts is living my dream in so many ways. Jetsetting from LA to NYC for reasons unknown (socialite, or job hunter?) and, most importantly, telling Michael Musto off. This from Musto's own column:
I didn't happen to win a Tony last week, but I did get a Tommy, and I want to thank God, my lighting designer, and CAA, but not in that order. See, a tall, handsome man approached me at Thursday night's Kino 41 dance party, smilingly suggesting I be nicer to him on TV. It turned out to be ex–CNN anchor THOMAS ROBERTS, who just happens to be the ideal man of everyone I've ever met. I guess he wasn't thrilled that I had smirkily called a certain swishy exchange on American Idol "the gayest TV since ANDERSON COOPER interviewed Thomas Roberts." Roberts—who publicly came out in '06—feels that his Cooper interview about his own experience having been molested as a youth was intentionally not about being gay. I didn't tell him I'd written a column at the time saying that for various reasons the gay issue should have been raised anyway and the distinction made. I simply chortled self-deprecatingly and assured Roberts that whatever I had said, I'm sure it was just silly shtick! And Roberts was so charming about it that I even laughed uncontrollably when he cracked that he would run up a bunch of drinks on my tab.
Way to back peddle, Musto! It got me to wondering if anyone else he's been severely critical of in the past has ended up all in his face. Musto reminds me of all those girls in junior high who would say things like I heard so-and-so has a GAY DAD or some other not-too-far-fetched half-truth, and when so-and-so says, Um, wtf? junior high girl just kind of looks at the floor and shuffles her feet around and mumbles something unintelligible.

So there's today's scathing media analysis: Michael Musto is a junior high school girl.

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