Kind of morning.

Tonight on 360:
Best of Katrina: A look back.
And on Newsnight:
Teen athletes try to reclaim their lives on the field. What's it like being on a strange team, searching for camaraderie?
Yesterday Aaron mentioned something about Anderson travelling today, which explains 360, but I don't know the where or why on the relocation. Maybe back to NY? No idea.

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Tired! Work, bunk. Anderson, better.

Tonight on 360:
Comedian Chris Rock takes Anderson on an intimate look at very personal rescue efforts he has undertaken for storm victims.
And Newsnight:
The New Orleans police department announces plans to look into allegations of looting by its officers.
Gawker says Anderson's shopping around a book about New Orleans, etc. More news on that if it's not just some rumour.

Also at Gawker: Anderson Cooper: What I Did for Cox.

A few other blogs picked up the story, but Gawker has the best headline by far.

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I'm being so neglectful lately, it's just awful.

Anderson's loft is declining in price again, says Gawker.

TVNewser has it that Anderson-Aaron on Newsnight will indeed be a permanent thing, as will the two-hour broadcast. They're even moving David Doss, the exec producer of 360 over to Newsnight. Excitement! Three hours of Anderson a day! Additional Erica news updates!

Also, more sporadic updates, as I work straight through the next five days. I'll try to get stuff up as much as possible though.

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Yeah yeah.

It's been four days. Apologies. There was nothing over the weekend, and when I went to update yesterday, Blogger was down. Then I just plum forgot. NOW. The news.

Tonight on 360:
Where will the money come from to rebuild devastated areas? Plus, why is the man being blamed for FEMA's problems, still on the agency's payroll?
And Newsnight:
In the chaos after Katrina, did New Orleans cops loot the homes and businesses they were supposed to protect?
I don't know if they have enough stories to fill two hours of Newsnight anymore; the second hour was like a carbon copy of the first last night. It is, however, getting really good ratings.

Perez dug up some good stuff yesterday, from an old issue of Sassy.

FishBowlNY discussed Hurricane Fashion.

Jon compared Anderson to Geraldo to Miles on The Daily Show last night, and then Ed Helms trumped them ALL.

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Tonight on 360:
The government says it's prepared to handle the worst case scenario. It may just have to rise to the challenge for monstrous Rita.
And Newsnight, which is running until 2am:
Water has already started to rise in New Orleans. We're live up and down the coast as Rita approaches.
And the usually, watch out for Larry King and Nancy Grace. I don't even know if he's on Nancy Grace, I abandoned that ship sometime last week. Only so much fake crying a person can take.

CNN will be running their regular prime time schedule on Saturday, so that means 360 and Newsnight at 7 and 10. (CNN Weekend Schedule - WHAC.)

I'm not even going to bother trying to make sense of this schedule. ICN has the complete Friday/Saturday/Sunday schedule. So much Anderson, my head will explode.

ICN also has a list of where everyone is. Anderson's en route to Port Arthur now.

And...I think that's it? For now, at least. basically, watch CNN for the next three days. Uh, and HLN, cause, Erica tomorrow from 9-midnight. Which also blows my mind.

The end.

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On 360:
In Katrina's aftermath, hospitals were devastated. What are Texas medical centers doing to stay afloat after the storm?
And Newsnight:
Texas' Gulf coast is emptying out as people evacuate. We'll look at the essentials evacuees need to know.
And overheard in EB Games today, someone trying to convince a sadly gullible nerd that Rita is going to hit Toronto next week, and we're all going to be in very much danger. It was sad, but also funny, as the gullible nerd believed him.

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Only if it's from Perez.
And, dish away we did, about one of our favorite topics of conversation, Anderson Cooper.

It's pretty much well known that Coop likes the Latino boys, although of the darker-skinned variety, which Michael told us. He also mentioned that - to his knowledge - Anderson is currently eating some Chorizo. "I would see them walking in the beach, holding hands, on Fire Island this summer," Lucas tells us. Damn you Cooper. Damn you. Only Latin boys go to hell!
Merrily We Roll Along (Perez Hilton dot com)

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Go West.

Tonight on 360:
As Texas braces for Rita, officials are working not to repeat mistakes made before, during and after Katrina.
And commercials are indicating that Anderson's in Texas.

And Newsnight:
Déjà vu: Watching and waiting for Rita. How much more can the Gulf Coast take? Are we ready for another disaster?
Yeah, probably not. I agree with Rob Corddry, God's being a huge dick.

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Flowcharts and graphs.

Tonight on 360:
Residents returning to parts of New Orleans won't be alone. How some real estate investors plan to cash in.
And Newsnight:
Another storm brewing in the tropics. Plus, is it too soon for some New Orleans residents to return home?
And don't forget to throw debris at Nancy Grace!

New York's Salary Guide 2005! Excitement!

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WHAC via the LA Times says Anderson's going to stay in New Orleans for the forseeable future.

And TV Newser says CNN has obtained office space in NO to establish a new bureau. So that means the longer stay will not be riddled with technical problems, so much.

Also, I love Keith Olbermann.

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So. Early.

We take you live to Katrina disaster zones.
But I expect that might change into something more interesting as the day wears on. I just won't be here to talk about it.

Yeah, sure, I'll take that 9am shift. That'll be awesome! Awesome doesn't begin to cover it. Nothing to link to even, because all the sensible bloggers are still in bed. Oy vey.

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New Orleans' mayor says he wants to start getting back to business soon. Is the city ready? Plus, a preview of the president's speech.
This means I can go out at night, if only for an hour or so. Huzzah for the president's speech!

ICN has a link to a video of Anderson on Real Time. From last week, or the week before, I can't remember.

So unrelated, but suck it up. My fiercest girlcrush, Erica Hill is doing stories from Biloxi now. As in, live on location walking around with no makeup on and making my brain and other parts go all mushy. So, watch out for that. Because you know you love her. They played one during Newsnight's last hour, and on Prime News Tonight on HLN. Very good story about the casinos rebuildings and stuff. At least I think that's what they were about, I was distracted.

See what happens when I can't find Anderson!news?

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My dreams!

WHAC says Anderson is hosting the first annual Comedy Festival, November 17th-19th in Las Vegas. It's like, all my nerdy likes colliding into three days of probably overpriced hilarity. Nonetheless, pennies are being saved.

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We go back inside the Superdome to search for answers on what really happened there.
And the usual, Larry King, Nancy Grace, Newsnight.

Um, that's really it today, so far.

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Anderson goes one-on-one with New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. His take on progress being made so far.
And as per usual, I'm sure he'll be on Nancy Grace and Larry King, and the now-regular co-hosting gig of Newsnight at 10pm. All of this ensures I will never leave the house after 7pm again.

TVNewser has quoteage from Tom Shales of TVWeek.

And for some reason, I didn't post a link to this New York Magazine article called Unanchored yesterday, even though I read it. It's screamingly fantastic, go read it now.


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Links a plenty.

We look at who knew what and when in the days before Katrina. Why plans on paper were never carried out.
Which sounds a lot like that Is America Ready? special CNN was playing over the weekend. Hmm.

Gawker comments on a Times article wherein Joe Klein calls Anderson the "anchorperson of the future." It kind of made me think of robots, a little.

WHAC has more on the article.

So does TVNewser.

FishBowlNY makes my job easier by condensing many links into a glorious meta-catchall.

And, DISH. Perez has some speculation on a possible little Anderson running around one day.

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Highlight reel!

Salon has a highlight reel of the best anchor moments of the last two weeks, and of course Anderson's featured.

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The shelter from hell? We revisit the convention center that was home to so many victims in the days after Katrina.
So that should be abjectly terrifying.

ICN says Erica Hill's anchoring the 2-6pm shift on Sunday. While this isn't Anderson related as SUCH, we all know of my longstanding near-rabid crush on Erica. Thus, I am pleased she's going to be on Big CNN again.

And that's all for now. Filler? Never.

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More Anderson.

Yes, it's possible. According to TVNewser, he's co-hosting Newsnight with Aaron Brown at 10, and it's going to be called State of Emergency for the duration of the storm coverage. It might become a permanent hosting gig. 360's not going anywhere though, don't worry.

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A Special!

Even though they've been calling every episode a "special edition" of 360, tonight it has a name.
AC 360° Special: Angels of the Storm: Helping those in need: The amazing heroes who are fighting chaos on the streets to help save cities in crisis.
Looks like that's it so far today.

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Right on two counts.

There's a bit on Anderson at FishBowlNY, in which I am purported to be a lovelorn puppy. I will not refute this, as I have a girlcrush on Rachel.

ICN reports on some glitches with 360 tonight.

TVNewser talks ratings, specifically, Anderson beating Shep.

And, like I've been mentioning all week, he was on Nancy Grace quite a bit, and Larry King too. So basically, always watch CNN, and you won't miss a thing. Except many of life's precious moments. But that's why we have cameras. Right? Maybe.

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Sup Wednesday!

Gawker reports on their homeboy Coop in Maxim, as I rush out to buy the magazine. Or more appropriately, find money on the ground, then buy the magazine.

TVNewser has some quotes from Nancy Grace last night. Anderson doesn't want to go home.

Jossip has Anderson Vs. Shepard: The Letterman Battles.

And tonight:
Loved ones lost. We'll look at the process evacuees are going through to find missing relatives.
And as per usual, keep an eye out for him on Larry King and Nancy Grace. Oh, and Oprah apparently, I didn't watch it yesterday, so I'm trying to catch it today. It's just so hard to tear myself away from the Situation Room.

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Things. And stuff.

Anderson's supposed to be on Oprah either today or tomorrow, check local listings for that. A thing about the hurricane, so probably nothing huge.

How are the children coping? What is it like starting school in a strange place? Anderson is still in the heart of the disaster zone.
NYTimes article with a brief mention of Anderson, titled The Pendulum of Reporting on Katrina. It's good. And thanks to FishBowlNY for the link.

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Anderson's been on and off of CNN all weekend. And the Letterman apperance tomorrow seems to be cancelled, as he's in New Orleans now.

WHAC has a transcript of an interview he did today with the former director of FEMA. Also, there's an article from Broadcasting and Cable magazine.

I think that's it for the weekend. So far. Labour Day tomorrow, so there probably won't be a lot to report.

And thanks for liking this blog, really liking this blog.

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On in three minutes on CNN, Sudden Fury, Anderson's special about Katrina. I didn't know it was his special, or I would have posted about it earlier. It'll probably be replayed a lot though, I'll try to get those times and post them as well. Ta.

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Links, morning.

Good morning, world.

ICN has a transcript of Anderson's interview with Trent Lott from yesterday.

TVNewser quotes what he said about said interview on Nancy Grace last night.

That's all I can find for this morning, more after work, maybe.

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Friday is busy.

Parents find their missing newborn. Plus, Anderson goes in search for the truth of how things have gone so wrong.
And I agree with Wonkette. Anderson for Secretary of Take No Shit.

Gawker picked it up too, and now they love him more.

WHAC has the same things, the quote from Larry King and the actual interview.

Today's CNN Blog has a startling entry by Sanjay. Not Anderson related, but you should read it anyway.

Here's a quick rundown of other places with stories about Anderson today: TVNewser, FishBowlNY, FishBowlDC, Daily Kos, and Eschaton. There's probably more, but it's mostly the same thing after a while.

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There's a link to Anderson's interview with Mary Landrieu at Crooks and Liars, and they have some other links too that you'll wanna check out.

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Anderson's going to be on The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, that's on CBS, check your local listings and all that fun stuff.

And a little thing I'm involved in, Craft Revolution. All of the proceeds of the homemade items go to the Red Cross Katrina Relief Fund. I've donated a bunch of scarves, and there's tonnes of nice things. Check it out, and end of pimping.

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Cities in crisis. Anderson takes us to areas completely wiped out by this monstrous storm.
And he was on Larry King and Nancy Grace again last night, so you might want keep an eye out for that. Even if you hate Nancy Grace. Like me. And everyone else I know.

CNN's been running a blog every day for their anchors, and it's worth checking out.

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