Et Tu, Keith?

We here at EDC love Keith Olbermann a lot. And we sort of knew this day would come, even though he seemed to take CNN's side in the whole Greta v. Cooper business a few weeks ago. And he's a smart man, with a lot of valid points.

So, we don't mind when he says it should be a national holiday when 360 has 22 minutes of news a night. [via TVNewser] Because, we sort of know it's true, although exaggerated.

Though, we wonder if this was old 360, 7pm pre-K 360, would he have anything to complain about? They had strikingly similar shows, back then.

It's well known, however, that Anderson doesn't like the two hour format, and it is a bit much. No one else gets two hours, and there might be a reason for that, and for all the second hour specials. It's a lot of time to fill up. But is a return to the old 360, the irreverent, fun, quirky 360 the way to go?

We'd like to see what Olbermann does with a two hour version of Countdown, we really would.

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