The Unpleasantness.

Oh ho, lots and lots.

First off, the words that were secretly whispered to our closest circle of CNN nerdfriends have come true. Kiran Chetry has indeed usurped Erica Hill as the 360 update girl. This leaves a bad taste in our mouth, and we pray it doesn't stick. Because, quite frankly, ew. Just ew.

Keith Olbermann is still all snappy and witty and agreeable. We love everything he says.
Anderson Cooper: "...He is the only person who has not been informed that he is a marketing experiment."

Glenn Beck: "A wolf in sheep's clothing. A very dangerously bigoted guy who's selling himself as a pragmatic philosopher. I don't think he sees his own bigotry. There's something about him that suggests one night he will say something that costs him his career in television."

Nancy Grace: "Anybody who would embellish the story of their own fiance's murder should spend that hour a day not on television but in a psychiatrist's chair. Really."
Ah, the glory of the opinionated newsman. We wish for more of you, Keith! And also, digital cable to watch you upon, instead of just for the few weeks out of the year we spent at the boyfriend's. Ahem.

And then there was Daniel Craig + Anderson Cooper. A resounding yes, and please videotape.

John Gibson hates Anderson for covering real news, which hits hard to anyone who doesn't give a fuck about Anna Nicole. Ouch? Meanwhile, Jon Klein defends the amount of time CNN spent on the story. And somewhere, Jack Cafferty shivers, but doesn't quite know why.

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