Ex-Gays, New Orleans, Men's Journal

Tonight on 360:
Bloodshed over oil. We go 360° on the Nigeria battleground for billions of barrels and the wealth oil generates.
Does that mean pretape, or no? All of the "programming notes" throughout yesterday's show were a tad confusing.

ASL proclaims Men Love Fashion Week Too and we slap our foreheads. Only girls like pretty things. That being said, the new Heatherette is fabulous.

Thursday, we get a gritty special called "Murder City, USA" Brian Williams is also reporting from New Orleans.

The "ex-gay" business from last night got some play, but the best of the headlines goes to Queerty.

And finally, America's Toughest Reporter (seriously.) graces the cover of Men's Journal. In true manly fashion, it also sports an article about the "World's Finest Watches."

ETA: Forgot to mention, Erica Hill comes back tonight, and we couldn't be happier. Three months has felt like years. Hm. Guess not. She'll be back on Monday, apparently.

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