It works on a few levels.

Oh, FNC. If Anderson is the Paris Hilton of cable news, pray tell, who is the Nicole Ritchie? The Britney Spears? Let's assign all of our anchors and reporters celebrity alter-egos!

Anyway, TVNewser has CNN's retaliatory ad that itself is a snarkfest:
It's Called Journalism.
I'd like to change some punctuation, however, to make it read, It's Called, Journalism? because if we're going to be catty bitches via print ads, we might as well go full force.

There's also a smaller blog ad that's virtually (hah!) identical, and the 360 blog has advertising now! [Via HuffPo]

And everyone's favourite weatherman (or at least mine) Rob Marciano, blogs from Florida, leading me to spend all afternoon parked in front of the TV. As if I'd be anywhere else, anyway!

ETA: The ticker is saying Anderson's going to be in Florida tonight too.

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