The Big 2-4.

It was a holiday yesterday, yo.

Tonight on 360:
Thousands of cars go through border checkpoints everyday. How many are checked? Plus, Mexico's president's U.S. visit.
Same old.

The book is available everywhere but Canada, apparently, though I did manage to download it from iTunes, and thusly spent all night curled up with my iPod, Ana Nanette, and got five hours of crochet done. Productive! Though I am going on a citywide search for said book tonight, AFTER Erica, of course.

And of course there was Oprah today, heavily covered by Gawker. Having just heard the book, I agree, there was nothing new. It seemed word for word. Kind of frustrating. [Gawker - Oprahs Revels In Anderson’s Misfortune, Anderson Will Be Embarrassed on ‘World News Now,’ Always and Anderson on ‘Oprah’: Spoiler Alert!]

Jossip has a lovely full, bountiful review of the interview. If I were cheesier, I'd say something like, gee your review smells great! But I'm not, so forget it just happened. [Jossip - Laughing and Crying With Anderson Cooper and Oprah]

And the rest:

ICN - Anderson Cooper Book Review…, Anderson Cooper Interview 1
TVNewser - Anderson Cooper & More

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At 7:28 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

I received my copy of Dispatches yesterday and am enjoying it even though I'm familiar with some of the stories in the book. It's the bits of new info that makes it an interesting read. I'm also looking forward to getting the CD version for purely juvenile and idiotic reasons, I just want to hear Anderson spitting out those four letter words we all know and love.


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