Yeah, because.

Tonight on 360:
Protests, a Spanish anthem, and Congress choosing sides. Why illegal immigration is becoming the new national divide.
The eight million other shows out there haven't answered these questions already. Blame Dobbs.

Ratings are down, and a certain picture from the VF spread is being touted as "creepy." I saw it yesterday, it's not terribly creepy. I've seen creepier things in Vanity Fair. Last month's cover, for example? Julia Roberts in fairy wings? Nevermind, Julia Roberts in anything? Shudder.[TVNewser - Let's See the Creepy Cooper Photo]

Edit:Now ICN has the picture. [Inside Cable News - Cooper’s Vanity Fair photo…]

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At 3:28 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's actually a lovely photo of Anderson and his mom. I suspect there are a lot of jealous people in media-land who don't like the fact that AC gets so much press, well, too bad for 'em, because he's here to stay, regardless of the ratings.


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