Right on two counts.

There's a bit on Anderson at FishBowlNY, in which I am purported to be a lovelorn puppy. I will not refute this, as I have a girlcrush on Rachel.

ICN reports on some glitches with 360 tonight.

TVNewser talks ratings, specifically, Anderson beating Shep.

And, like I've been mentioning all week, he was on Nancy Grace quite a bit, and Larry King too. So basically, always watch CNN, and you won't miss a thing. Except many of life's precious moments. But that's why we have cameras. Right? Maybe.

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At 1:47 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

So does this mean you're famous now? LOL

At 2:11 p.m., Blogger Christian said...

When it comes to Andy, I am also a lovelorn puppy. But then again, how could you not be?


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