New Orleans' mayor says he wants to start getting back to business soon. Is the city ready? Plus, a preview of the president's speech.
This means I can go out at night, if only for an hour or so. Huzzah for the president's speech!

ICN has a link to a video of Anderson on Real Time. From last week, or the week before, I can't remember.

So unrelated, but suck it up. My fiercest girlcrush, Erica Hill is doing stories from Biloxi now. As in, live on location walking around with no makeup on and making my brain and other parts go all mushy. So, watch out for that. Because you know you love her. They played one during Newsnight's last hour, and on Prime News Tonight on HLN. Very good story about the casinos rebuildings and stuff. At least I think that's what they were about, I was distracted.

See what happens when I can't find Anderson!news?

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