I came back. And so too does the blog.

Tonight on 360:
Live from L.A., California classrooms are the latest battleground in the immigration debate. Is it English or else?
L.A. again means natural light!

I don't have much to talk about, book signing-wise. I turned the heel on a sock, and there were freckles. There are pictures, and videos, and I may post them accordingly.

Other people were much more intrepid in L.A. You can buy pins that say the same from Not that I have. They were a present. I was just holding them for a friend. I learned it from you, okay? I learned it from you! [Jossip - Anderson Cooper Learns About His Sexual Powers]

#1 on the Times best seller list! [WHAC - AC Tops NYT Best Seller List]

We love Eat the Press over at HuffPo. It's so fun to watch the graph compute. Like magic.

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