I see.

Tonight on 360:
Live from Seattle. Millions spent to build a jail in a crime ridden city. Two years later, it sits empty. Anderson's keeping them honest on what's the holdup!
Aaaand then back to NY.

...Because Daily Show apperance on Wednesday, which means we don't have to feel as guilty about not watching the second hour for once.

The Anatomy of an anonymous tip run wild, or: Why the Internets is Dangerouser than the Newspapers. [TVNewser - Case Study: How An Anonymous Tip Becomes An Out-Of-Control Rumor, FishbowlNY - Did Time Inc.'s $4M Buy Of Shiloh For People Include Anderson Cooper? and Jossip - People's $4 Million Shiloh Fee Included Anderson Cooper]

And even though they've been running commercials since Tuesday, people are kind of late on the Angelina interview bandwagon. Then again, I guess not everyone is unemployed with nothing but CNN on their minds/TVs. [Gawker - Anderson Cooper Gets 1/5 of Brangelina Brood, A Socialite's Life - Anderson Cooper Snags First Angelina Jolie Post Pregnancy Interview]

Cable Quotables! Context need not apply. [Jossip - Cable Quotables: Anderson Cooper is Not Alone]

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