One last go.

Before my swanky week in Manhattan. Drag bars and cheap hotels and convenience store booze*, oh my!

Tonight on 360:
A fire hazard fixed in police cars. Why has Ford not recommended the same changes for other cars with a similar design?
It's true, all the "hip kids" are watching 360. [TVNewser - Jon Klein To Marianne Paskowski: "Hate To Have The Facts Spoil Your Rant, But...]

And our favourite little Fishcrush is moving on. We wish you good luck and greener pastures, Rachel. Maybe snow-covered, it's still chilly up here. [FishbowlNY - The Winds of Change]

(*Convenience store booze - In Ontario, we can only buy wine in grocery stores, and other liquor at government approved stores that only sell liquor. Thus, the novelty will probably never wear off, as long as I'm on vacation.)

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At 12:13 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish I lived in New York..not only because it's an amazing place, but who knows, you might run into THE MAN himself.


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