A What?

An update, oh my stars. Day off, so I thought I'd update amidst my rabid sprawling.

Anderson's on the Colbert Report tonight. I can sum up my feelings on this in a series of keyboard mashes. But I'm still trying to keep my shit professional.

Tonight, we got:
They're blamed for the failure of New Orleans' levees. So why are they being honored? And why you're paying for it.
Well, not me, exactly, but you might be.

Media Person of the Year! Anderson tops out to Denton! Context is nonexistant! [Gawker - Anderson Cooper, Media Person of the Year]

And of course, the expansion story. Totally unrelated to the lack of context above, I assure you. [Wonkette - Anderson Cooper Expands]


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At 7:35 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anderson was great with Stephan on The Colbert Report. He was doing a lot of giggling, but he was his usual funny and charming self. Now if he would just reschedule Conan.


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