the Big One.

The following is a very large collection of links discussing the Cooper-Brown switchout, and other Anderson news (ahem, possible boyfriend sighting) posted in no particular order except whatever my bookmarks give me first.

Anderson Cooper Trolls For You
Gawker Stalker: Anderson Cooper is Gay, Trendy. [Gawker]

CNN Goes For The Silver [Radar]

Aaron Brown: The Next MSNBC Arrival? [Jossip]

A Socialite's Son Gets Promoted [Queerty]

The Death of Newsnight
AC To ABC For A Day
AC, A Little Bit of Aaron Brown and Geraldo
Interesting Stats Concerning AB Story
Anderson Cooper to Host Two-hour CNN Program at 10 p.m.
Brown Out At CNN [WHAC]

Emotion vs. Thoughtful [ICN]

Anderson Cooper Personifies Push-Pull
Hey Wolf, We Get It -- "You Own A Lot Of TVs"
Anti-Anchor: "America Is Embracing Anderson...Anderson's The Man...The Whole Country Is Talking About Anderson..." [TVNewser]

NBC Nightly News leaps forward, but whither NewsNight? [FishBowlNY]

Fred Becker on Jon Klein (HE STOLE MY PUN!) [Wonkette]

That's all for now, there's a bunch of newspaper articles too. I'll try and find them. As for my own thoughts on the matter? While I like more Anderson on TV, I don't like no Aaron on TV. We'll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

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