I am all with the updating.

Tonight on 360:
A look inside schools where teachers are thinking more about self-defense than the three 'R's.
And did you know MSNBC did podcasts of highlights their primetime lineup? I went to bed with Keith and had sushi with Tucker. I think CNN should follow suit.

Okay, so Rosie O'Donnell hates Erica Hill AND Anderson. And, apparently, types like a fourteen-year old girl in a Yahoo! chat room. Yeah, so he hosted a reality TV show. You made a thousand awful movies. AND YOU LOVED THE MOLE. I remember it very clearly. She can't hear me, can't she?[Rosie: Aaron Brown Is a ‘Cutie Patootie' - Gawker]

ICN has PR Waves six and seven.

TVNewser does his book, his show, and his ratings.

Rachel at FishBowlNY compares the set to the Daily Show set. Fitting, as yesterday they were covering the exact same story at the exact same time. Monday, Anderson was doing pirates at the same time as Stephen Colbert. I know this, because I spend a fitful hour every night flipping betwixt.[Anderson Cooper 360: New time, new look, and that "new car smell" - FishBowlNY]

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