Tonight on 360:
Should you spank your kids? Some revealing answers about how you should discipline and what really works.
I'm not taking it out of context. I swear.

Because they already beat me to it at Gawker. [Tonight, Anderson Cooper Gets Into Spanking - Gawker]

Jossip was playing with Google image search. Pretty. [Even Google Agrees - Jossip]

And now 360 reruns at 1am, and 5am. Perfect for when I have to start opening the damn store at some ungodly special holiday hours time. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be caught dead shopping for little Chanukah tidbits at 8am. Does Christmas really require the mall to open so early? Oh, soccer moms. I don't understand you. [CNN's 360 To Repeat At 5am - TVNewser]

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