Tonight on 360:
We're live in some of the areas targeted by Wilma. A look at the damage and what's left of the storm.
And Newsnight:
Wilma's wrath: a complete wrap up of the storm, the damage it caused, and what's left of it.
And once again, I fell asleep, smashed my alarm clock, and missed all the fun. I managed to see lots of Rob before I went to sleep, but that's not the point.'s doing a Wilmablog. [CNN has Wilma Blog - ICN]

Brian at TVNewser says of CNN's coverage:
Between 7 and 8am, it was hard to turn the channel away from CNN. I checked in with FNC and the broadcast networks every few minutes, but their phone interviews and faraway live shots could not compete.
And he has a really good wrap up, which comes in handy for ME, who missed everything. [Wilma: Compelling Live Coverage On CNN - TVNewser]

And I can think of at least ten other anchors I'd rather fix Anderson up with than Shep Smith. Maybe I'll list them one day. [A Gay Shepard Among The Fox Flock - Queerty]

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At 3:51 p.m., Blogger Christian said...

Andy and Shep...ewwww! I don't know, for that reason that creeps me out. I would have never pegged Shep as a 'mo but if he is, more power to him for putting up with Fox News!!

At 8:46 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shep looks like an alien. I'm sure Anderson has better taste in men.


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