CNN.com is telling us 360 tonight will once again be "Oprah's Promise" which makes me sort of want to claw my eyes out. But, good news, everyone in the Newsroom is saying 360 is about missing children! I can't help but wonder if this somehow involves Oprah, too.

Everything is Oprah.

I'm not ragging on Oprah, she's done some very wonderful things. It just reminds me a little too much of the weeks of Angelina Jolie we all lived through last year. We made it out just fine, but we were all a little less...enthusiastic afterwards.

Now, to other things, namely, a recent Larry King interview from B&C. He says:
On the other hand, he indicated that a major news event that would show off Couric's strengths could change the public's perception of her. "Hurricane Katrina made Anderson Cooper," he remarked. "It could happen to Katie that way."
Does a major news event make an anchor, or does the anchor make the major news event? Is every anchor or reporter just waiting for that magic story that will make them a household name? It's sort of trite to examine the news that way, but that's sort of what I do, upon reflection. I wonder who they're going to send to Colorado! when I hear about an avalanche, or why did so-and-so get to cover that? which is generally what I say whenever Rick Sanchez covers anything.

It's been a while since I've watched the news for just the news, and there's no going back. Hence all the media analysis that I read, love, and do.

And that's fine.

What do you watch the news for?

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