What is this...blog machine?

Tonight on 360:
Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco faces tough questions about New Orleans' recovery.
And Newsnight:
Did officials overreact to recent terrorist threats in New York and Baltimore? Former FBI director, Louis Freeh weighs in.
Freeh's on the Daily Show tonight too, if that gives you any indication of his media stops today. And the 11pm hour has a seperate summary again:
As hurricane Wilma looms, Anderson continues to ask tough questions in the wake of hurricane Katrina.
So I worked late last night and had no time for anything. Also, there was no news, and I don't think a Newsnight preview halfway into Newsnight does anyone any good.

And I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I'm sure you've noticed anyway; 360 reruns at 1am EST now. This means I don't have to ever break down and get a DVR. Take THAT, technology!!

Other CNN nerd things: Check out the Delia Gallagher Admiration Society. She's that cute girl who talks about religion and looks like the alpha female you had a huge crush on in high school, the really nice one who always defended you when the third clarinets were jealous that you got first chair, and you could never carry on a conversation with her because of all these strange feelings brewing. Or maybe that's just me.

Not CNN related, but, you must check out 2 Most 2 Trusted: The Colbert Report blog. She's right, you don't have to put on pants for recaps. Don't I know it. I also know that we aren't getting the Colbert Report in Canada yet, and urge you to send outraged emails to the Comedy Network if you're pining as much as I am.


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