Blogging before noon.

Seriously weird.

The SF Chronicle has an interesting article about a journalism study, with a brief Anderson-as-brand mention:
The report said electronic media are in transition from what it calls the "Argument Culture," epitomized by the canceled CNN shoutfest "Crossfire," to the "Answer Culture," exemplified by the branded persona of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and the exposure of child predators by NBC's "Dateline."
Lots of other interesting things regarding blogs and the rise thereof as well. Very worth checking out.

Of course, tonight is the Sins of the Father special, something that has us bawling for about a week straight. We've had eyes for that Thomas Roberts ever since he used to fill in for Mike Galanos on the old old Prime News Tonight. It's one thing to read articles about it, but it's another to actually hear him speaking about it. Seems like they're previewing the story this morning as well as Sunday morning, and there's been about a billion and two commercials. We're excited to see this sort of content on 360, and have stocked up on tissues.

Edit: Thomas wrote an article for about it this morning.

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At 1:34 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a moving story, and a strange choice for 360. How many ads for it can CNN show? Roberts even appeared ive on CNN Newsroom today. Dateline is a news magazine, last time I checked 360 wasn't. CNN better warn us if that's their idea for 360. Have to admit, of course, I'll be watching T. Roberts specaial -)


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