Mid-week glory.

Anderson wasn't on last night, 360 OR Newsnight. No idea what tonight will bring, but, on 360:
The avian bird flu has the potential to become an epidemic in the U.S. Can the government handle an outbreak? Part 1 of 2.
Which is abjectly terrifying, if you saw that guy on the Daily Show a few weeks back.

And Newsnight:
Devastation for miles, thousands homeless. But, Katrina could have been even worse. What you didn't know about the storm.
Which also sounds terrifying.

I meant to mention this a while ago, the new Rolling Stone has an interview with Anderson. It's the one with Evangeline Lily on the front, all sexpot-like. She's purty. Also, the new Details is out, with an article by Anderson about the famine in Niger. Good stuff.

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