The preview of 360 isn't up yet, so, I present, Newsnight:
The feds say they've seen dozens of websites that prey on storm victims. An exclusive look at how they track web fraud.
Which smells like Daniel Sieberg to me. Nerds everywhere!

Anderson's apparently being offered $1 million for a years worth of memoirs, spanning December's Tsunami to September's Rita. And there's no outline, no proposal, no nothing, but listen, who needs important things like structure in a book! If it's selling, no need to work yourself. [Lowdown, Gawker]

And that's all she wrote for today, because I now have to work until 9. Apologies for no more updates, I'll try and hit them when I get back.

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At 8:32 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's not there...*crying*


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