It may be too late!

But Anderson's on Oprah today. I don't get it until four, but I know it's syndicated. Local listings!

Tonight on 360:
Could one scientist's decades old mission to identify a killer virus, help keep the deadly bird flu from becoming a pandemic?
And Newsnight:
In the days after Katrina, did desperate staff at one Louisiana hospital decide to take life and death into their own hands? CNN investigates.
And, they're giving two summaries of Newsnight now, so here's the second:
Killer hurricanes, massive earthquakes, monstrous fires: Are these unpredictable acts of nature signs the end of days is near?
So that's cherry.

The Anderson backlash starts - In San Fancisco? Gawker has the two articles, and so does just about every other media blog out there.

Anderson's book has really been picked up for real this time by HarperCollins. Proceeds to go to charity, none of it even written yet. AWESOME. [Jossip]

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At 5:22 p.m., Blogger Christian said...

Oh J, it's actually just one article that appears twice! Don't make it worse than it already is. I refuse to believe in the backlash! *plugs fingers in ears* LALALALALALALA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

At 5:30 p.m., Blogger Becky said...

I can see where the regular NewsNight crowd might be a bit put out by AC's presence. If somebody put a Media Darling next to Keith each night - even if it were one I liked (like Andy or Jon Stewart) I would be all kinds of bent out of shape!

I'd like to see the focus pulled back from Anderson, lest he become That Guy Everyone's Sick To Death Of.


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