It's official.

Michael Musto is the Worst Person On Earth. In his new column for the Village Voice, he attacks the Thomas Roberts piece, but in a different sort of way. His usual tactic is to prod and poke celebs to come out, but, lo and behold, Thomas is already out. So, of course, he attacks the piece for not talking about Thomas being say, saying "by 14, Thomas was surely already gay—look at the photos."

It's entirely possible he missed the point of the whole special, and sat there with his little gay scorecard, waiting to award points based on mentions of the boyfriend's name, use of rainbow flags, and tightness of t-shirts. That must be why he didn't comment on how the story is promoting awareness of the lenience granted to convicted sex offenders, something other media outlets have been spending more time on, even since last week.

Sadly, Musto won't be happy until every gay, out or not, is wearing tiny shorts and dancing on top of bars, proclaiming him to be their king, shouting, "Thank you for outing us! Now lay in a pile of our big hard sweaty muscles!"

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